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ENG 221 Week 1; Individual Assignment; Workplace Communication Comparison
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1.What is the most common form of written communication in your workplace or in a workplace you are familiar with? Is expository or technical writing the most common form of written communication in this workplace? Who is responsible for most of the technical writing in this workplace?

The most common form of written communication in my current job is technical. I am in the engineering department so each engineer is responsible for documenting their part of the project. I set up purchase orders for the engineers so that too is technical in the since that I need to be specific when parts are ordered. Along with documenting new products we use email and communicator quite a bit. These exchanges can be technical and expository.


**Note: communicator is instant messaging software that we use.


2.What are some common issues you have seen with written communication in the workplace?

One issue that comes to mind is clarity. There are times when coworkers make request that are not clear. This in turn needs follow up with the requester for clarification. Other issues that I have seen are incorrect spelling and grammar. This happens most often in emails and the use of communicator.

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