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BUSN313 Quiz 3 A+
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FedEx's application of information technology to all its operations is an example of


 B.distinctive competencies.  

Correct            C.core competencies.           

 D.critical success factors.     

 E.key performance factors.  


Answer Key: C

Question 2 of 20

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Which of the following statements is true concerning clusters?

 A.The desire to build or upgrade a core competency is one reason why entrepreneurial and other fast-growing firms often tend to locate close to their competitors.          

 B.Clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected companies and industries.  

 C.An example of a cluster in the United States is California's Silicon Valley.         

 D.According to Porter, clusters provide access to employees, suppliers, specialized information, and complementary products.     

Correct            E.all of the above      


Answer Key: E

Question 3 of 20

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________ is more valuable because it can provide companies with a sustainable competitive advantage that is harder for competitors to imitate.

Correct            A.Tacit knowledge    

 B.Explicit knowledge 

 C.Imitable knowledge           

 D.Transferable knowledge   

 E.Durable knowledge


Answer Key: A

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On the continuum of resource sustainability, where would streaming movies be placed?

 A.slow-cycle resources         

 B.sustainable resources        

 C.standard-cycle resources  

Correct   resources          

 E.down-cycle resources        


Answer Key: D

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The business model used by IBM to make money not selling IBM products, but by selling its expertise to improve their customers operations is the

 A.profit pyramid model.       

 B.advertising model. 

Correct            C.customer solutions model.

 D.efficiency model.   

 E.entrepreneurial model.     


Answer Key: C

Question 6 of 20

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The business model used by HP in selling printers and printer cartridges is the

 A.profit pyramid model.       

 B.advertising model. 

 C.customer solutions model.

 D.efficiency model.   

Correct            E.multi-component system/installed base model.   


Answer Key: E

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The second step in value chain analysis is to

 A.identify the legal ramifications and responsibilities of their product or service.

Correct            B.examine the linkages among the product's or service's value chain.      

 C.confirm that all variables have been included and tak

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