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Bus 313 wk2 quiz 1
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Question 1 .4 out of 4 points


Correct Technology entrepreneurs have ideas triggered by developments in:


Selected Answer:    science and engineering

Correct Answer:    science and engineering


. Question 2 .0 out of 4 points


Incorrect In what stage of the entrepreneurial process do you evaluate the competition?


Selected Answer:    Stage 4

Correct Answer:    Stage 1


. Question 3 .4 out of 4 points


Correct Which of the following is not a characteristic of relieving stress?


Selected Answer:    Do not delegate

Correct Answer:    Do not delegate


. Question 4 .4 out of 4 points


Correct Ray Smilor identified all of these entrepreneurs types except:


Selected Answer:    Technology entrepreneurs

Correct Answer:    Technology entrepreneurs


. Question 5 .4 out of 4 points


Correct The past ______ years have been years of tremendous growth for entrepreneurial companies and for the individuals who make them thrive.


Selected Answer:    15

Correct Answer:    15


. Question 6 .4 out of 4 points


Correct To relieve stress you should:


Selected Answer:    Plan non-work personal time 

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