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Being White, Being Black, Being Assian 9
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What does it mean to be White? Not having to think negative terms about my race or about my race or my culture, for being white means that my culture is the benchmark for what's around me here: our skin, our history, our society. What does it mean to be Black?  If you try to get into my experience and frame of reference, I will attempt to express what it means to be black in a white community. Finally, what does it mean to be Asian? You will see, it is sure not being White or Black. This paper is a concentration on ethnic diversity as a result of media contribution and other factors, how it is managed in a workforce environment and what takes to improve on. Generally, we react sound to those who are like us, but are often disappointed by different people. Cultural and lifestyle differentiation are always likely to be seen as disparagement with the sentiments of indifference and hostility. This reaction is typically based on propaganda, misunderstanding, and fear. There is no hesitations that comprehending and accepting variety can verify how victorious we are professionally and socially, and that inadequate professional and social accomplishment derives from racial human interactions. 

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