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Week 5 Discussion Topic: Researching a Job Ad
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Week 5 Discussion Topic: Researching a Job Ad


Using any method you like, including sites such as USAJOBS and, find a job ad online. Search for the corporation that has posted the job (do not use an ad that does not provide the corporation or organization). Look up the corporation’s mission and objectives pages and look for keywords and other information that would correlate with the job ad, and would therefore help you sharply focus your cover letter and tailor your resume.

In your response, first write a paragraph that describes the correlation you found between the job ad and the information on the organization’s site. Then write a paragraph explaining how you can use that information to write a more persuasive cover letter and résumé.

(Current) Example on how it can look:
The job ad I chose was for a Data analyst position within Morgan Borszcz Consulting. The ad uses many key words to describe the type of person they are looking for to fulfill the duties of the job.  Some that stick out and tie into their mission and values statement are "excellent written and oral communication skills" and in the requirements section the ad specifically states that the person must inspire the trust of others.  On the mission and values page of their site, which is not too long at all, they focus on trust and integrity of their people.  By ensuring these items are included on both the ad and the mission page it shows that they value how people see their company and do not want that name to be tarnished with bad practices and/or un-trusting relationships with clients.

An applicant could tailor their application to this company by focusing on key components of their character and the specific programs and skills the have.  Including examples of previous jobs they held in which they were trusted to not only complete the task using these programs, but also were trusted with the integrity of the information would allow them to show they can be trusted.  Another area they can focus their resume on is the ability to work well in teams and communicate with everyone in speech and writing equally.  For this particular job, the applicant should also include examples of different data mining and analysis software they are familiar with. Many companies use Applicant tracking software (ATS) to screen through resumes.  They look for keywords that are tied to open positions in the company.  By including these programs and skills in their resume, they have a better chance of being pulled by the system and then being looked at by someone in the company.

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  • Week 5 Discussion Topic: Researching a Job Ad

    Week 5 Discussion Topic: Researching a Job Ad Task: Using any method you like, including sites such as USAJOBS and, find a jo

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