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MGMT 340 WEEK 6 QUIZ 10/10 A+++
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Q1. This plan lays out a strategy for moving from the old system to the new.

Q2. The process of bringing together all of the modules that comprise a program for testing purposes are referred to as

Q3. User testing of a completed information system using simulated data refers to

Q4. System documentation that is part of the program source code or is generated at compile time best defines

Q5. Written or other visual information about an application system, how it works, and how to use it best defines

Q6. Which of the following consists of an exhaustive list of the system's functions and commands, usually in alphabetical order?

Q7.  Changes made to a system to fix or enhance its functionality best defines

Q8.  Evolving the system to add new features or improve performance best describes

Q9.  An overall test plan is developed during

Q10. The person responsible for controlling the checking out and checking in of baseline modules for a system that is being developed or maintained is the



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