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CIS 250 Unit 3 Discussion Question
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Unit 3 Discussion: Grouping Data

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Part IV in your textbook, SQL Queries for Mere Mortals, (3rd ed.), discusses ways to summarize and group data that is retrieved from a database management system using SQL statements.  Why might you want to group data?  How can you use aggregate functions for grouping purposes?  How can we use aggregate functions for filtering purposes?  Utilizing the GROUP BY clause in an SQL statement allows us to group easily retrieved data.  What are some specific uses for a GROUP BY clause? When we use a GROUP BY clause in an SQL statement some restrictions may apply.  Let's discuss common pitfalls and restrictions of the GROUP BY clause in relation to SQL syntax.

In your discussion post:

  • Explain the purpose(s) and use(s) of grouping data using aggregate functions and the GROUP BY clause. Provide SQL syntax examples within your responses presenting evidence of your points.  Explain restrictions of grouping data and how you can avoid falling into these types of traps.
  • Be sure to use an aggregate function that already has not been discussed by one of your peers in their initial response and include all links to all outside resources that you may have used to gather materials for review and extra reflection
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