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Unit 4 Discussion: Subqueries versus JOINs
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Unit 4 Discussion: Subqueries versus JOINs


This week you are learning how to retrieve, manipulate, and compute data stored in multiple table structures. With this in mind, you can use a variety of ways to complete these tasks.  Let's discuss the similarities and differences between a subquery and JOIN and when you might want to use one over the other, taking into account the concept of special case JOINs.

Then, using the Bowling League table data in your Oracle account, create a scenario that retrieves data from multiple tables using either a constraint or computation.  You should upload the SQL syntax into the discussion forum for review and discussion.  Be sure that you run the code in the SQL command area inside of Oracle account and that it works properly.

In your discussion post:

  • Explain how subqueries and JOINs are interchangeable. Provide SQL syntax examples.  Upload your scenario, SQL query syntax, and a screenshot of the data results into the discussion board for review.
  • Discuss when you might want to use a subquery over a JOIN explaining your reasoning.  Feel free to use outside resources to find extra information but be sure cite your source in APA format and include the link to any outside resources for review.
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