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Final Business Plan (Cosmetic Booth) with excel solution attached
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Business Ethics Assignment & Final Project

Business Ethics Assignment & Final Project

Complete parts 1 and 2 below (using the template provided) and follow instructions for submitting your final Business Plan byFriday 11:59 PM ET before the last day in Unit 10.

Part 1: Code of Conduct

Create a code of conduct policy for your business (two to three pages). This Assignment does not have to be submitted separately, but it must be included in the Fnal Business Plan (see Part 2).

Part 2: Final Business Plan (20-40 pages including code of conduct section):

Put the following Assignment content from previous units in order to create your Final Business Plan then submit it before the end of the unit with at page in a Microsoft Word document in APA format.

View the rubric below for full assignment details.

Directions for Submitting Your Project:

Put together your Final Business Plan according to the outline from Part 2 (located in the rubric file). Make sure to include your title page and Code of Conduct (including the Assignment Checklist items from Part 1). Then save your work on your computer in a location and with a name that you will remember. Make sure your project is in a Word document in APA format. When you are ready, you may submit on the Dropbox page.

This Assignment is due on Friday 11:59 PM ET of Unit 10

Title Page Business Description: (from Unit 1) You will describe the vision, mission, and the type of structure your business will take. In addition, describe, as the leader, how you will manage the business in order to realize the vision and achieve optimal performance. Code of Conduct: (Discussed in Unit 9 ) Operations: (from Unit 2) This Assignment discusses the daily operations of your particular business. Unit 10    [MT499: Bachelor’s Capstone in Management]  If you are in a production environment, please provide detailed instructions on how you plan to manufacture your product.  If you are a service-based business, please explain the business flow of how you plan to service your client base.  Please evaluate how economics, the government, and laws could affect value creation from a global context. Market Plan: (from Unit 4 Assignment, parts 1 and 2) This section of the Business Plan includes the market strategy, market research, and the 4Ps and SWOT Analysis. Information Technology: (from Unit 5) • Determine the information technology used in the business • Develop the information technology plan for managing and controlling information Financials: (from Unit 7 written Assignment) Part 1:  Discuss and show the cost associated with starting your company and show a  pricing model for your product or service (use a table to list your start-up funds) and then explain how you plan to obtain the start-up finances  Include Income Statements and Balance Sheets for three years.  Create a Break-even Analysis.  Develop a detailed Excel spreadsheet for this section and a financial summary in Word explaining your spreadsheets. Part 2:  Identify the components needed in cash flow statements.  Explain the benefits of cash-flow analysis and any problems that could arise if not conducted.  Use Excel or other spreadsheet software to create a cash flow statement for the third year. Management Summary: (from Unit 8) Management Summary The management summary (management plan) provides information on the management team, detailing knowledge, skills, and abilities. The management summary provides loan officers, investors, and potential partners with important information on the management and management philosophy. In addition, loan officers and investors might request resumes of the key personnel in the organization. Directions for Submitting Your Assignment: Put together your Final Business Plan according to the outline from Part 2 above. Make sure to include your title page and Code of Conduct (including the Assignment Checklist items from Part 1).