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Project Description

8 pages essay on evolution of economics thoughts and new business model

  2. you can take a look to this link, as I want to structure my esssay in this way
  3. my idea is to write first an overview of the past business models, ending with the modern capitalism of nowadays that is not the right solution to overcome the recent crisis
  4. and then analyze in details some new business model that shifting the focus from profits to social responsibility
    1. and instead of "proposition for future study" its better to write the conclusions summarizing the main idea
    2. and I'll exclude also alternative technologies
    3. with this paper I just want to outline the main economics thoughts of the past and how modern capitalism is not the right model to overcome the crisis and so why more attention should be given from other perspectives apart from profits
  5. Use font Arial; size 12; 1.5 line spacing, regular borders
    - Append list of references using Chicago style
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    Since long time ago, political beliefs and business scopes have worked mutually. Free enterprise stretched out all over the globe and contacted its confines. The hostile forces established and there was the surfacing of Marxism1. Communism entirely swabbed out commerce entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, it did not uphold for an extensive time. It was swapped again by capitalism. Entrepreneurship as it entails, fashioned a food shortage for assets and money. Ultimately, the contributions were discernible. Space was connecting haves and have-nots increased due to capitalism. Back in the pre-history, human beings recognized a multifaceted scheme of society that entails basics of labor, incentive, and trade. This was ultimately incorporated the domestication of flora and farm animals, promoting the range of tradable supplies as fit as strapping people to the terrain so economies might grow2. The b

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