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Topic: Week 6 Assignment 2
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Assignment Introduction and Context:

Describe your personal philosophy and style of leadership tailored to your leadership context and in response to your leadership-style learnings from self-leadership. Be sure to include how you make up for skills you lack in your organization. This paper should include a biblically based understanding of leadership activities.


Write a 1,200–1,500-word essay addressing all of the following:
Make it clear that this is your philosophy.
Include a self-leadership analysis of how your SHAPE affects your style.
Include personal examples.
Include citations from biblical or theological publications.
Make a practical application of your philosophy and leadership style to your organization or future organization.

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  • Topic: Week 6 Assignment 2

    Personally I believe there is no other better calling in this life than to establish and develop good relationship with Almighty God. I want to be like Apostle Paul who said he wanted to know Jesus Christ and the supremacy of his resurrection. My soul has developed deepest desire to know God and follow what He inspires me to do. I thank

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