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Watch 18 mins video, answer 15 short questions




Watch this 18 minutes video in the link, and answer the 15 questions that you will find in the attachment. Make your answer clear and short as much as you can

(The danger of a single story)

Watch the video in the link, and answer these question. Make your answer clear and short as much as you can


  1. How did the experience with African literature help them?



  1. What did she learn from the experience with Fide the houseboy?



  1. What was the experience with the American roommate?



  1. How did she embrace her African identity?



  1. What is the single story of Africa and how does it shape how people think?



  1. What did John Locke write and how did it influence the way people in the West think about Africa?



  1. Why did the professor think her characters were not authentically African?


  1. Why does Chimamanda think that she is guilty of a single story?



  1. How does the power structure in the world define stories?



  1. How does beginning the story a certain way affect the way people think of a story?



  1. How did she grow up with multiple stories in Nigeria, and how does this inform who she is?



  1. Why should we engage with a story from different perspectives?



  1. What are some things she wishes her roommate knew?



  1. How have stories been used?




  1. How can we reject the single story?







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