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RESEARCH VIGNETTE: Utilize this scenario as the basis for your response 7
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RESEARCH VIGNETTE: Utilize this scenario as the basis for your response


                                               (Review guidelines listed following the vignette).



You are a Pastoral Counselor for a well-established culturally, ethnically diverse and vibrant 2000 plus member congregation in a large metropolitan community in the Northeastern United States. The senior minister is charismatic and a dynamic speaker. More and more people are flocking to the church to experience the waves of joy and exultation. However, you noticed that few are joining in ministry services to feed the hungry, support and assist those in need or participate in the church’s excellent Bible school or youth program. During one of the weekly staff meetings chaired by the ministerial chief of staff, you bring up your concerns. The chief of staff ponders your observations and suggests you create a research proposal to uncover the root cause(s) for the lack of interest in joining in the life of faith community by people attending worship.


In the proposal, you will: Define the problem, purpose and significance of the study; describe the methodology including hypothesis, research questions, study design and procedures. Because the church is culturally and ethnically diverse, you will need to develop data that will show any differences between groups of students. Also, as part of the study, you will need to describe what steps you will take to protect the participants.




Please compose a well-written and organized paper addressing each of the following points. When writing your paper, please:

1. Use the most current APA (6th edition) Style.

2. Write clearly and concisely.

3. Cite appropriate and current literature (empirical and/or theoretical).


The format of your paper should include:


1. Title Page


2. Literature Review:


· Description of the study, selection, and justification of appropriate theoretical model, brief review of related literature



3. Method Section:


· Purpose of the study, hypotheses, and/or assumptions, one or more testable research questions including Identification of variables, and limitations


· Participants, data collection procedures (depending on your selected model, identify instruments and measures and how those would be used to collect data), data analysis (how the data analysis would be performed, and the data evaluated)


· Protection of Human Subjects


4. Discussion Section:


· Implications, multicultural sensitivity, and ethical considerations.


5. References




Consider the following:

Reference: Donoso, Oscar A., (2010). Psychological assessment in vocational rehabilitation: A qualitative exploration of acculturation assessment and clinician testing practices. Theses and Dissertations. Paper 12.

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