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Computer class part 2
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 Your Own 21-2 1. Create a new presentation based on the Five Rules template on (Hint: On the New screen in Backstage view, click in the Search box, type Five Rules, and then click the Start searching button to the right.) 2. Watch the slide show in Slide Show view. Note that you do not need to manually advance the slide show until most of the slides have played. Note the five rules as they are presented so that you can list them later. 3. In Normal view, examine the slides, transitions, and animations used in the presentation. For example, display Slide 9 in Normal view, change the zoom level of the Slide pane by zooming out so that you can see the end of the plant to the right of the slide. Click each object to select it, and then click the ANIMATIONS tab to see the animation applied. (Hint: When Multiple is selected in the Animation group, more than one animation is applied to the object. Try clicking one of the animation sequence icons. If the Animation Pane opens, try examining the settings in it.) Or make the Transitions tab active, and then in the Slides tab, click Slides 10 through 14 and note the transition and effect (on the Effect Options menu) used for each slide. 4. Create a new presentation, and save it as Creative Presentations. 5. Type Creative Presentations as the title and your name as the subtitle. 6. Create a new Slide 2 using the Title and Content layout, type Tips for Interesting Presentations as the title. Then type the five rules given for creating an interesting presentation based on the principles in the Five Rules presentation you watched. 7. Create a new Slide 3 using the Section Header Layout. Type Animation Example as the title

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