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Week 10 Assignement 3 HSA 530 3
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Assignment 3: Human Resources Planning and Employee Relations

HSA 530 (Health Services Human Resources)

September 6, 2015
















Significance of employee records

Subpoena deals with a request for the production of documents.  Subpoenas gives attorneys the opportunities to obtain information to help prove or disprove their client’s cases.  Employee records are an example of what subpoenas may request; not providing employee records is a form of failing to obey the terms of a subpoena which can result in a fine or imprisonment.  Employee documentation normally is imperative owing to several motives. Documentation gives good reason for the actions of employment, as of staffing and selection towards resignation, withdrawal or rather retirement. These are some of the benefits of maintaining accurate employees’ records:

Benefits and compensation-Keeping accurate records for workers is an indispensable aspect of company’s benefits and compensation composition. When these records are lacking then it is unfeasible to trail employee wages, value increments, end year bonuses as well as obligatory alongside optional deductions.

Employment end-Whenever an employee's term with an organization ends, proper record is exceptionally vital. Regardless of such grounds, HR must prepare and file paperwork that documents this employment action. If you terminate an employee, 

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