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Kaplan CM310 Quiz 2 Latest July 2015
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Question 1. Question : Which of the following statements BEST describe an aggressive family?

Snide comments are an acceptable form of communication.

If someone has a concern, don’t respond to it.

Strong feelings are seen as normal and are allowed.

Have an audience present when you engage someone.

Deal with people directly.

Question 2. Question : Which of the following statements is NOT a commonly-held negative view of conflict?

harmony is normal and conflict is abnormal

disagreements are the same thing as conflicts

if someone is rigid in conflicts they may have too little power

conflict should never be escalated

a good conflict is a nice conflict

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Question 3. Question : The following statement by Justin about a conflict with his sister Shannon is an example of which of the conflict metaphors below? “The next time she says something about my lifestyle I’m likely to blow longer and louder than a Mt. St. Helen’s eruption.”

conflict is a trial

conflict is an act of nature

conflict is a balancing act

conflict is warlike and violent

conflict is like a dance

Question 4. Question : Which of the communication cultures below is generally characterized by norms that favor competition, low or non-expressiveness, and communication used for concrete purposes?

feminine communication culture

Asian communication culture

masculine communication culture

Native American culture

both a and c


Question 5. Question : Which of the following terms reflect the two fundamental aspects of conflict regarding conflict as communication behaviors and perceptions of those behaviors?

social learning theory

the Lens Model of conflict

attribution theory

collectivist theory

transformative theory

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Question 6. Question : Since gender studies have found that women tend to compromise more than men in conflict situations, the book suggests that women try to utilize which communication behavior most often?




even more compromise

a wide range of communication behaviors

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Question 7. Question : According to Wilmot and Hocker, which type of family is characterized by walking away from conflicts, never raising your voices, not telling anyone if there is a struggle, and keeping strong feelings to yourself?

collaborative family

permissive family

aggressive family

avoidant family

passive family

Question 8. Question : Which of the following metaphors would your authors consider “transformative?”

Conflict is a balancing act

Conflict is a trial

Conflict is war

Conflict is a dance

Conflict is a struggle

Question 9. Question : Which of the following is generally true about research regarding gender differences in conflict?

Adolescent girls tend to be more aggressive than adolescent boys.

Men and women generally handle conflict in similar ways.

Women tend to take more control of conversations than men to lead it in the direction they want.

Women are more likely to avoid a conflict than men.

Men tend to engage in the “listening” role more than women.

Question 10. Question : Which of the following terms reflects the notion that individuals learn male and female communication behaviors through observation of and communication with same-sex groups?

social learning theory

the Lens Model of conflict

attribution theory

collectivist theory

transformative theory



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