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Assignment Electronic Medical Record Speech
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Assignment: Electronic Medical Record Speech

Debra Wright

Axia College of University of Phoenix

HCR 240

February 28, 2010


Assignment: Electronic Medical Record Speech     2








Hello my name is Debra Wright and I work for MEDISTAT. MEDISTAT is a computerized EMR system that will assure your medical staff accuracy and efficiency in regard to patients’ medical records.

First, let me explain exactly what a medical record is and what information is contained within. A patient’s medical record provides documentation of the patient’s medical history including physician notes, medications, test results, messages, as well as other pertinent information relating to the patient’s medical history. These records used to be kept in a folder that was filed in the physician’s office.  

Now, let me explain what electronic medical records are. Electronic medical records are the same information as medical records files, except they are electronic and easier to access quickly. The medical staff that has access to these electronic medical records can pull this information up as needed from any computer in the medical facility. 

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