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HIS 115 WEEK 3 Assignment Seven YearsGÇÖ War
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Seven Years’ War


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Seven Years’ War

            So begins another day living through this war. Life has been extremely chaotic. There is not time to mingle with others or simply enjoy life. Every family is struggling to make it through to the next day. It is depressing to walk down the street and see the families that have money, enjoying themselves while people like I struggle. We are glared down upon as if we are nothing. There is a large diversity here. Individuals have come from many different countries to America were the many different cultures are apparent (Davidson, 2006). It remains unknown to me how the lives of so many different people will survive here. Some came to America against their will (Davidson, 2006). I feel extremely bad for those that have been forced to come to America and be owned as slaves. Even some people who have wanted to come to America but could not afford it are here trying to work off their debts they incurred on the way over.  

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