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HUM130 WK3 Final A+
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World Religion Report

Melissa Hulsey

Axia College of University of Phoenix


Hinduism is the oldest and third largest organized religion in the world. (BBC, 2008). Hinduism originated in Pakistan and is the most common religion in India. Approximately 80% of the people in India are Hindu. The 2001 consensus recorded approximately 1% of the people in Britain were also Hindu (BBC, 2008). Originally, there were thugs who roamed around India committing crimes, such as murder and robbery. The gangs would commit murder after religious rites to honor Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction (BBC, 2008). Hinduism has a very long and complicated history. The history includes a blend of ancient legends, customs, and beliefs. These customs and beliefs have evolved today to create many different creeds. 

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