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ACC 304 Week 10 Quiz 7
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ACC 304 Week 10 Quiz 7

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        1.    State a corporation incorporates in.
        2.    Definition of preemptive right.
        3.    Common stock as residual interest.
        4.    Earned capital definition.
        5.    Reporting true no-par stock.
        6.    Allocating proceeds in lump sum sales.
        7.    Accounting for stock issued for noncash consideration.
        8.    Definition of treasury stock.
        9.    Reporting treasury stock under cost method.
        10.    Selling treasury stock below cost.
        11.    Participating preferred stock.
        12.    Callable preferred stock.
        13.    Restricting legal capital.
        14.    Disclosing dividend policy.
        15.    Affect of dividends on total stockholders’ equity.
        16.    Property dividends definition.
        17.    Accounting for small stock dividend.
        18.    Stock splits and large stock dividends.
        19.     Computing rate of return on common stock equity.
        20.    Computing payout ratio.

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