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LASA 1 Whole Foods
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                                                LASA 1: Whole Foods Market




                                                           Kelyn Hogue




                            Principles of Management Accounting | ACC202 A01





                                                    Faculty:  Erina Master




      Whole Foods Inc., engages in retailing business of food that are natural and organic in its composition they operate supermarkets throughout Canada, UK and the United States with operating sales of 18 billion. The company was started in 1980 headquarters in Austin Texas, In 2010 Whole Foods financial performance relative to 2009 was higher than previous year of 9 billion with total operating expenses of 2.6 billion with operating income after expenses from General and administrative cost., (,2015).

       Whole Foods Inc. preferred dividend which was paid back to its share holders and shares were diluted on the bottom line its share holders were able to retrieve earning in addition to paying dividend…EBITA- (Earnings before Interest ,Taxes ,depreciation and amortization), ( ,2015). 

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