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Self-Regulation of Learning Outline
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Title: Self-Regulation of Learning Outline

I.  Introduction: At some point everyone practices self regulation whether they are aware of it or not, such as being on a diet. Though people may practice self-regulation how many people actually understand it. The process of self regulation involves other processes like affective learning, and internalization and it is reinforced by self monitoring, self instruction and self reinforcement. This paper will provide an outline of a description of how to propose and to measure self-regulation within the field of forensic psychology. It will also provide the operational definitions, limitations, assumptions, hypotheses, and data analysis plans within forensic psychology. It will also include the deficiencies a critic might identify within statement of limitations and assumptions will also be addressed as well. In addition, a published human and animal research and behaviorist, social cognitive, information processing and constructivist theory to develop an outline of a research proposal to measure self-regulation in one of the following field of forensic psychology will be included.

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