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Stats101 Midterm sample test
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TERM I    2009-10    MIDTERM TEST


STAT101  Introductory  Statistics







1. The time allowed for this test paper is 1.5 hours.


2. Write your IC number and name on the front page of the test paper.


3. This is a closed book test.


4. This test paper contains a total of twenty (20) questions worth 30 points (questions are not of equal weight).


5. For multiple choice questions (MCQ's), you must circle your letter choice in pen on the test paper and put your letter choice in the space provided. There is no penalty for guessing


6. For non-MCQ's, answer all questions in pen, not pencil. Cross out workings that you do not wish to be considered. Marks will be awarded for working out the solutions.


7. You may leave early if you wish.


8. Please check that the normal table is attached.











_E___1. Determine the best selection of terms concerning with the collection of data, to

            complete the statement: “The entire group of objects or people about which

            information is wanted is called the __________.  Individual members are called     

            ____________.   The _________ is the part that is actually examined in order to

            gather information.”


            A.  population, explanatory variables, subgroup

            B.  whole, items of interest, stratum

            C.  response group, respondents, non-response group

            D.  sample, units, target population

E.   population, units, sample


_A___2. In an experiment to determine if antibiotics increase the final dressed weight of

            pig, the following were measured on each animal in the study: sex, initial weight,

            weight gain, grade of meat, where grade is recorded as (A, B, or C).  The scale of

            measurement of these variable are:



             A.   Nominal, ratio, ratio, ordinal

             B.   Nominal, ratio, ratio, nominal

             C.   Nominal, ratio, interval, nominal

             D.   Ordinal, ratio, ratio, ordinal

             E.    Ordinal, ratio, ratio, nominal




__C__3.  The following is a histogram showing the actual frequency of the closing

               prices on the Singapore Stock Exchange of a particular stock.




              Based on the above frequency histogram for Singapore Stock Exchange,

              the class that contains the 80th percentile is:


              A. 10 - <20

              B. 20 - <30

              C. 30 - <40

              D. 40 - <50

              E.  50 - <60

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