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  1. a. The type of study is observational with the variable of interest being the age of the student.


  1.   (41.1,  50.9)


  1. a.  36 movies

b.  29 movies

c.  7 movies

d.  About 230 minutes

  1. Part a: Median 139,500   Mean: 163,125

Part b: Outlier 34,000  Median:  140,000 Mean: 181,571.429

Part c: outlier  434,000 Median:  139,000 Mean:  124428.57


  1. a. The goal is to determine how many teachers would choose a different career if given the opportunity.

b. All US teachers.

c. A Percentage of teachers who would choose a different career.

d. The 2150 teachers who were questioned.

e. Raw data is teacher responses (yes no) to question if they would choose a different career.

            f.  60% of teachers who said they would choose a different career.

            g. 55%-65%


  1. Red: (0.85,0.97)

Yellow: (0.86, 0.98)

Blue: (0.86,0.94)


  1. From stat disk

Source:     DF:  SS:      MS:       Test Stat, F:  Critical F:  P-Value: 

Treatment:  2    0.00224  0.00112   0.505269       6.112108     0.612123 

Error:      17   0.03769  0.002217                                        

Total:      19   0.03993                                                 


Fail to Reject the Null Hypothesis

There is not sufficient evidence to reject equality of means


The p value 0.61

We have sufficient evidence to claim the mean of all colors is the same.


  1. Expected probability of rolling a 2:  0.1667

Sample proportion:  .22

Difference 0.0533, this is not statistically significant (p = .31)


  1. Null hypothesis:  The mean of all three players are the same

Alternative hypothesis: the mean of at least one player is different

The p value is 0.036

At this level we must reject Ho and conclude at least one mean is statistically different.

  1. The minimum sample size is 364 students
  2.  a. 58%

b. 74%

c.  82%

d. 78%

  1. H0: p=0.095
    1. Ha: P<.095
    2. P hat= 0.0920
    3. Z=-0.33

d. No

    Test results from stat disk are as follows:

Claim:   p < p(hyp)


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