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Assessment Directions: 1. Restate your position statement on the 2
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Assessment Directions:
1. Restate your position statement on the issue from project part 1.
2. List at least two assumptions that this argument makes.
3. After that, analyze these assumptions in a 4-6 sentence (minimum) paragraph.
Evaluate if your assumptions are based on any of the errors in argumentation discussed
in your book. For example, have you made any overgeneralizations? Have you
oversimplified anything? Do you have any hidden premises?
4. Write another 3-4 sentences that discuss how you can improve your own arguments.
Submission Requirements:

Submit your responses for grading in a Microsoft Word document, clearly

separating all 4 questions.
Adhere to Standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation requirements.
Use 12-point Arial font and double-space.

The following is my statement:
Youth Violence and Video Games

The link between violent video games and aggressive behavior in children has
yet to be proven. With many years of studies, reviews, experiments, and general claims
and allegations, no one can definitively say that this is the case. Claims have been
made that as games became more violent and graphic in content that the aggression
levels and crime rates have increased. Based on statistics, life experience and human
history, I conclude that yes video games, violent or not, will increase excitement and
adrenalin. They are not however a direct connection to aggression in children and
I grew up in a time when most of these violent games were being produced and
yes there was violence within the youth of the time, but you did not see the same
violence issues or the extent of the issues there are today. Based on previous
discussion results, many of my former classmates shared my opinion that it is the
parenting or lack of parenting that creates the opening for violent games to impression a
child’s aggression status. A few students feel that the violence and profanity in video
games directly leads to real violence. Most make this claim mainly because the first
person shooter game Doom was mentioned in the video made by the teens that
committed the Columbine massacre.
History also shows that violence is an accepted form of behavior which has been
taught from generation to generation. Parents have been teaching children to fight as
long as any creature has existed. Looking at ancient civilizations, Greeks, Romans,
almost every civilization has taught their young to fight to protect themselves, gain
position and standing from your peers, and to expand your civilization.

In conclusion, I find that by parents interacting, monitoring, and being a role
model for their children, they can raise their children to understand reality from fantasy.
Children look to their parents and adults within their lives to show them right from wrong
and teach them how to behave in today’s society. Since children are a product of their
environment, when children grow up within a violent environment, not just their homes,
but also where they live, they see the violence and consider this as a norm. Youth
violence is a direct result of the civilization and community they live in, as well as the
parenting and/or lack of parenting they receive.

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