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PSY 270 Suicide--Appendix E
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Respond to the following based on the information in the “Suicide Rates by Age Group” article:

  1. What has been the trend in suicide rates over the past few years? 

Over the past few years suicide rates have started to decline in comparison to prior years (McKeown, Cuffe, & Schulz, 2006).

  1. What part of the U.S. has the highest suicide rate?

The West has the highest suicide rate in the United States (McKeown, Cuffe, & Schulz, 2006).

  1. List three risk factors for suicide.

Prior suicide attempts, access to firearms within the home, and diagnosis of major depression are all risk factors for suicide (McKeown, Cuffe, & Schulz, 2006).

  1. Many researchers worry that suicide rates for adolescents and older adults continue to increase. What does the research data show about these age groups?

Adolescents and older adults seem to be more susceptible to suicide while middle-aged adults are at less of a suicide risk. Overall the suicide rates for these two groups (adolescents and older adults) have also started to decline within the past few years (McKeown, Cuffe, & Schulz, 2006).

  1. In the U.S., what demographic has the highest rate of suicide? 

Typically older white men age 85+ are at highest risk of suicide (McKeown, Cuffe, & Schulz, 

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