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Operant Conditioning Week 3 Ind. Assign.
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Operant Conditioning


            Operant Conditioning was created by B.F. Skinner and is[IAM1]  represents the idea that learning is a function of change in observable behavior. The change in behavior is triggered by one’s response to the events or stimuli that occurs. The stimulus that causes the behavior is referred to as reinforceres and can be either positive or negative. Reinforcement is the key factor in Skinner’s operant conditioning theory and can be any factor that strengthens the occurrence of the desired behavior ranging from something one’s mother tells them, an award for making good grades, or a feeling of increased accomplishment. Rather or not a positive or negative reinforcement has a greater effect on behavior varies with each individual and situation. Operant conditioning enabled Skinner, along with other researchers to understand behavioral explanations for a wide range of cognitive experiences. “Operant conditioning has been widely applied in clinical settings (i.e., behavior modification) as well as teaching (i.e., classroom management) and instructional development (e.g., programmed instruction)” (Kearsley, 2011).


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