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Learning and Cognition Paper Week 1 Ind. Assign.
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Learning and Cognition Paper

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PSY 390: Learning and Cognition

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Learning and Cognition Paper

            Learning is a practice that one participates in on a daily basis and in different ways. However, it is an extremely difficult term to define. Princeton (2011), defines learning as “the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge.” Although accurate, this definition doesn’t justify what learning actually is. A definition that includes changes in observable behavior is favored instead. “One of the most popular of these definitions is the one suggested by Gregory A. Kimble (1917-2006), which defines learning as a relatively permanent change in behavioral potentiality that occurs as a result of reinforced practice” (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2009). Unfortunately, although popular, this definition isn’t accepted universally. It is more appropriate to explain learning in relation to behavior rather than define in one sentence.

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