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Today there are many people who doubt the reliability of
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Based on the question of: “What are some of the most convincing arguments for the reliability of Scripture (pick two arguments and explain)?”

For each attached discussion do the following:

  • First, summarize what you think the authors' intended to communicate in his/her discussion in order to remind readers of the ideas in the author's discussion and to clarify any miscommunication or misinterpretation that may occur.
  • Second, commend at least 1 good point that he/she raised in his/her discussion. Explain why you identified that particular point raised by the author.
  • Third, contribute new information or ideas to further the discussion; present additional facts, Scriptures, or applications to the current discussion that have not yet been mentioned, or redirect the discussion to another appropriate path.
  • Finally, encourage the author to continue growing in their understanding of organization, administration, and spiritual development, and/or type out a positive prayer to the Lord on behalf of your classmate.
  • Each reply must be at least 100 words composed in 1 paragraph.
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