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The US Healthcare System: Analysis of the Hospital
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The US Healthcare System: Analysis of the Hospital.

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The human race is faced with a myriad of challenges in its existence; most conspicuous among these problems is the health related troubles. In an attempt to address this health related issues there exist a call to set up medical institutions such as hospitals. It must be appreciated that as the world advances on, human beings are exposed to different harmful agents causing new infections and ailments thus calling for technological advancements in the medical sphere. Various medical institutions offer specialized services, for example, there are five major distinctions in the hospital structure; the general hospital, district hospital, specialized hospitals, teaching hospitals and clinics. A general hospital is that which deals wholly with all diseases of all kinds and has an emergency department that deals with immediate and urgent medical attention. District hospitals are set up to offer medical services in a particular region. They are characterized by a relatively higher bed capacity and an intensive care unit and provide long term care too. Specialized hospitals are set to address specific disorders such as trauma, cardiac, oncology and orthopedic problems. They are unique to what they handle. Teaching hospitals double the task of giving assistance to the community as well as teaching medical students and nurses; they are mostly linked to universities or colleges. Clinics are the smaller version of hospitals and are mostly run by municipalities or individuals to give medical services to a small group of people. This paper seeks to provide a deeper insight of the hospital ranging from its historical background to its immediate influence in human life.

Historical development and current role of hospitals in healthcare delivery.

In the United States, hospitals emerged from institutions such as the nursing homes whose primary role was to administer care to the old and poor 

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