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Nursing_ Role and Scope of Nursing final_ Week 5 assignment
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Role and Scope of Nursing

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Nursing profession plays a vital role in health care sector focusing on the care of individual, families and communities so that they can attain, maintain and recover an optimal health care. The role of nurses may be differed from the other service provider of health care by their way of approach to the patient care, raining and scope of practice. Nurses practice in a wide area with a different scope of practice level to delivera strong care to the patients of health care. Mainly the nurses execute their care practice within aordering scope of physicians and this shows the traditional relation in front of the public image about the nurses and their dedication as care providers. However nurses are supported by many jurisdictions to continue their practice activities independentlywith a wide range of setting based on various training level. In recent days the nurse education has undergone many advanced and specialized credentials and traditional rules and regulations to adopt a sophisticated care practice for the patients. In addition nurses are facilitated with a wide range of health care management programs to establish management across all the work practices of the healthcare. Apart from that the role of nurses is responsible for maintaining the healthy environment for the patients by coordinating with their requirements in the hospital atmosphere. Any kind of distraction in nursing practice may lead to serious issues by causing delay in patient care.

Advanced practice nursing role is aparameter that is used to manipulatethe level of nursing practice that utilizescomprehensive skills, experience and knowledge in nursing practice. More over the basis of advanced practice includes a degreeof knowledge, skills and experience that can be applied to the nurse

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