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Net Neutrality paper
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Net Neutrality paper










Net Neutrality paper

 Give opinion on the concept and the experience with content-based broadband throttling and the experience with piracy protection.

Broadband throttling is defined to be the international slowing of internet service which is facilitated by an internet provider. It is a kind of a reactive measure that is employed in communication network with the aim or regulating network traffic so as to minimize the bandwidth congestion. This bandwidth throttling can occur at different locations of the network. On the other hand, Piracy protection is the efforts that are designed to prevent the reproduction of software, music, films for their reasons of copyright. (Chetty, 2011)

There are existing laws which have been passed in the United States to restrict municipal entry into broadband service provision. From the year 2005, there have been barriers created by 14 states in the U.S. to create barriers to municipal broadband service provision. These barriers ranged from the outright bans on the public utility districts which provide retail telecommunications services to taxes and made them increase their prices on the same. The slow provision of internet service in the U.S. can only be compared to a growing number of industrialized nations which lag behind.

The issue of broadband throttling has been persisting because of the official diverting their reports on this issue while raising the extent of the 

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