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MGT 426 Team A Week 4 Managing Change Part III
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Managing Change Paper Part III

Pressure from competition has pushed Citigroup Corp. to implement a series of changes that will make the corporation more competitive and sustainable. Citigroup firmly believes that having a clear vision of the corporation’s goals and expectations will define the corporation’s success when implementing these new changes. Choosing the right change model is essential to achieve thedesire results by the corporation. Lewin’s change management model seems to be the most appropriate for Citigroup’s goals and objectives. Citigroup believes that Lewin’s model simplicity will produce the best results for the organization.Lewin’s change model is widely used by all kinds of organizations and has proven to be effective. Having a clear a vision of the goals and objectives throughout the process and keeping all the employees well inform will be the key to keeping the staff motivated and involved trough out the process. Good communication will also reduce resistance to change which is often a challenge when implementing change.

Change Model

For the large scale changes that will be taking in effect for Citigroup, our team has chosen to implement Lewin’s theory of change management. The theory is based on the process of stage 1: unfreezing, stage 2:change and stage 3: refreeze. In the early 1950’s Kurt Lewin developed this theory using an analogy of melting a block of ice. The analogy is as follows: if you have a block of ice and wanted to change the block of ice into a cone of ice what would the process be. First, you would need to unfreeze the ice and turn it into its liquid form. Second, you would need to change the shape 

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