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Marketing strategy for new healthcare organization
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Introduction: The Business Profile

I plan provide blatantly different sushi fast food in the Orlando city majorly targeting the current generation as the market. I intent to evaluate the reception of the fast food in Orlando before making adjustments and spreading its sale in all major cities on a large scale. The business operations will respect the holiness of the Sabbath and to that effect will not be operational on the very day

Description of the Business Entity

The sushi fast food has been a traditional meal to the people of Japan owing its fast association to the east south Asia. The environment and emergence of a diverse, dynamic and exploring generation has set things in a different move. In the recent the United States of America has experienced increased dramatic demand for ethnic foods. This has been so because of the growing factors such as migration, tourism, growing international trade and globalization. This surprising change has been backed by the rise in foodborne illness. It is therefore an ideal time to venture into the market and provide hope. The young generation are in crazy love for fast foods. This is however criticized by the medical practitioners on the basis of their health benefits. A product of an ethnic nature which is an example of a fast food would gain more popularity than the existing fast foods with health concerns. Exploiting the alcohol love demonstrated by the young and largely current population the sushi served by our company would not only be served as a fast food but also as an alcohol contain food. The population of the country has however been on the rising(Kim, Lee, Kim, & cho, 2003). My plan is to capitalize on the diverse benefits and information mismatch to achieve greater results. In so doing however, I will ensure that the tenth percent proceeds are offered as tithes to the church on a monthly basis. In addition the fast fruits of the business will be given to the need and others extended to the clergy men. My business will present to the market commodities which itself would like to purchase. Human life will be treated with dignity.

Targeted market and customers

I will specifically target youthful generation as customers of my business. The customers can enhance my sales via utilizing the electronic commerce.  My business will however, not be limited to youth as it explore the native admirers of sushi; the Japanese citizens

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