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Legal, Ethical Issues in the Work Environment: Employee Health and Safety

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In this paper ethical issue or situation, which will be discussed in regard to current, previous, or potential future work environment is "Employee Health & Safety", which in present had been the essential issue of government of every nation. In current unstable culture employers, unions, employees as well as government agencies interest in the health along with the safety associated problems has been enhancing because of enhancing number of the work associated injuries, illnesses along with deaths. In regard to National Safety Council, every workday the fatality happens every 2 hours and deliberating injury happens every 2 seconds. 

Those figures as well as approximation of the fatality along with injury demonstrates that number of company in the present and past were confronted several problems and also in coming future they would also continue towards confronting those types of ethical issues. All those types of approximations and costs, which organizations have been happening in regard to the employee health along with safety depicts that safety problems have not been the priority of companies and associations and because of such number of the legal issues in regard to the costs and the punishments have been experienced through companies. 

Thesis Statement

Does in current several companies have been confronting ethical and legal issues in associated to the health and safety of the employees

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