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consumer or industry

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Consumer or industry

Jiang brewery limited is a company that deals with the manufacturing of alcohol brands of different types. The company has been operational since 1933 and it has improved a lot, having a great market share. Jiang brewery limited produces beers, spirits and wines. Beer is sold in widget cans, bottles and keg having different alcohol percentages; 4.0% ABV lite lager, 5.0% ABV premium lager and 4.2% ABV pale lager. Their spirit has 40% ABV and wine 13% (Nader, 1973). In a free trade business is carried out without having to pay taxes and there are no other barriers to trade. In this trade industries are not viewed equally, this is ethical because different industries have different ways of operating and different capabilities hence they are not equal. 

A customer is a person or a party that receives or consumes services or goods, customers have an ability to select between different products and suppliers. Capitalism is 

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