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BUS 330- Week 5- Final Paper- Opportunities in Foreign Markets
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Opportunities in Foreign Markets

Ashford University: BUS 330: Principles of Marketing

Instructor: Brian Gahan













            Product marketing is a critical function of the supply chain providing a link between consumers and organizations. As globalization continues to rear its head, marketing managers have had to deal with more complex roles, deal with more demanding customers and have had to consider ethics and different cultures. Nearly every American dreams of traveling abroad to some foreign land that they know little about simply to explore and uncover the hidden treasures of the country or province. However, what many Americans fail to realize is that Americans are afforded luxuries and conveniences that may not be available in other countries. Customs and cultures differ greatly when it comes to the traditions of American cultures versus European or African cultures. There are many different luxuries that would do well abroad and offer the same convenience and reliability that are afforded to Americans on a daily basis. One such service is Wi-Fi. What would an average American teenager do without Wi-Fi? One would never know. In countries such as Asia this luxury is unfortunately not always available. While the number of public hotspots 

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