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MGT 445 Week 5 Individual Assignment Final Exam
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Final Exam – 10 questions based on your readings
1)    Negotiation is created to do the following:
a)    Create something new that neither party could do on his or her own
b)    Resolve a problem or dispute between the parties.
c)    Both A & B

2)    Working interdependently allows parties to achieve a possible outcome that is better than they could achieve by working on their own.
    True or False

3)    It is not important to recognize that negotiation is a process that transforms over time, and mutual adjustment is one of the key causes of the changes that occur during a negotiation.
    True or False

4)    The purpose this type of negotiation is to claim value—to do whatever is necessary to claim the reward or gain the largest piece possible.
a)    Distributive
b)    Interactive

5)     Final offer - a negotiator wants to convey the message that there is no further room for movement.  One way to accomplish this is to make the last concession substantial.
    True or False
6)    Factor that does not Facilitate Successful Integrative Negotiation
A)    Common goal
B)    Shared goal
C)    Joint goal
D)    Individual goal

7)    A unilateral choice is made without the active involvement of the other party.
    True or False

8)    Which item below is one of Raven’s identified 5 major parts of power?
Reward power
Personal power
Group power

9)    Is adjusting your body position a form of non – verbal communications?
    Yes or No
10)    Does a Win-Win situation facilitate value creation?
    Yes or No

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