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MGT 445 Week 5 Individual Assignment Article Analysis
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Negotiation Situation

In negotiation, when two states are facing a dispute the globalization has its implications upon the negotiations process through third state involvement and interest in the resolution of the matter, whether the state may affect the negotiation  process directly or by indirect means. As in the case of the negotiation situation between China and India, in 1962 the war between both the states on the issue of the Tibet Dispute. For several years a disputed and unresolved territorial issue for which both countries triggered several military confronts to gain power on the territory by claiming it their part (Raghvan, n.d.). The resolved issue was put aside by international mediation on the issue and more significantly the implication of globalization and the emerging economic and technological needs of both countries in the 1970s through bilateral negotiations. As India is the emerging economic power and China is growing in terms of economic and technological.

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