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MGT 445 Week 4 Individual Assignment Miami School District Negotiation Paper
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Miami School District Negotiation

A recent decision by the Miami school district has caused quite a stir in the area. Their concern over the recent unprecedented increase in enrollments has brought them to the consensus to overhaul the admission boundaries in schools. In simple words they have decided to restrict each school to a certain number of students to help not overcrowd schools. For this, they will relocate some students. Aiming to study the impact of this decision by focusing, on certain vital issues or questions asked by concerned parents and guardians: Will children receive excellent quality education or will some suffer? Will children have to travel long distances when they could have arrived to school in half the time with the old structure? What will the impact of mixed cultural and ethical backgrounds? Will children be spoiled by exposure to a cruder culture (in their opinion)? The proposed solutions by the parents will be analyzed. An example is Broward, where the district government has cut the budget for school construction, citing the number of empty seats in the eastern part of Broward as the reason. On top of that, the school district and the county government have had an agreement to limit the number of seats. Because the overcrowding has worsened the only options left are, redrawing boundaries, or increasing the limit. The district opted for the second, mostly unpopular choice (Mazzei, 2009).

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