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Bus 308 week 2 assignment (week two problems)
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4.4       Suppose that a couple will have three children. Letting B denote a boy and G denote a girl:

A. Draw a tree diagram depicting the sample space outcomes for this experiment.

            B. List the sample space outcomes that correspond to each of the following events:

                        1. All three children will have the same gender.

                                    bbb, ggg

                        2. Exactly two of the three children will be girls.

                                    bgg, gbg, ggb

                        3. Exactly one of the three children will be a girl.

                                    bbg, bgb, gbb

                        4. None of the three children will be a girl.


C. Assuming that all sample space outcomes are equally likely, find the probability of each of the events given in part b.

                        1. p=2/8 = 1/4

                        2. p=3/8

                        3. p=3/8

                        4. p=1/8



4.20     John and Jane are married. The probability that John watches a certain 

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