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Bus 308 week 1 assignment (week one problems)
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1.2          Which of these variables are quantitative and which are qualitative?


A. Quantitative   

B. Quantitative

C. Qualitative

                D. Quantitative

                E.  Qualitative






1.17 Classify each of the following qualitative variables as ordinal or nominative.      

Qualitative Variable:                                        Categories:                                          Answer:


                Statistics course letter grade                              A B C  D F                                             ORDINAL



                Door chances on Let’s Make A Deal                Door #1 Door #2                                  ORDINAL



                Television show classifications                         TV-G TV-PG TV-14                            ORDINAL



                Personal computer ownership                                           Yes No                                   ORDINAL



                Restaurant rating                                                 *****  ****  ***                                                ORDINAL


                Income tax filing status                                     Married filing jointly                           NOMINATIVE

Married filing Separately 


Head of household 

Qualifying widow(er)                         


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