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MKT 421 WEEK 1 Individual Assignment Defining Marketing
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                                                    Defining Marketing

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                                                          Defining Marketing

      What is the definition of marketing?  My definition of marketing is making a product or service appealing to the public so that he or she would want to buy or sell that product or service, in an effort to bring in revenue for a business or organization.  Marketing however, consist of more than television commercials or billboards one see as he or she passes along the highways.  Many people think marketing is only about advertising, marketing is more than that, marketing is about understanding a product, competitors, and customers statistically.  People come in contact with some form of marketing every day, rather it is the toothpaste one uses or the gas one puts in his or her car, marketing is part of everyday use.  Marketing has a very important responsibility in the economical growth and success of a business or organization.  The author of this paper will state two accurate definitions of marketing and give three examples of why marketing is important in today’s business world.

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