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ECO 372 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Weekly Reflection
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Week 3 Reflection

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            Week 3 Reflection

One of the topics covered this week was the independence of the Fed and whether its policies should be monitored and more power given to other governmental agencies to decide what to do and what policies to impose. The role f the Fed is to create policies and help stabilize the economy for example to give money to banks to help them out of any financial crisis (Colander, 2010). Understanding the idea of how the Fed works and how government works the independence of the Fed is essential because many of the decision need to be made quickly and the time it takes for many governmental agencies to create policy will not suffice.  The idea that the Fed does have too much power is true but at this time the independence of the Fed is essential to the success of the economy and until someone comes up with a better idea the Fed needs to keep its independence.

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