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QNT 275 Finals Latest Version 2016
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  1. What is the name of the variable that's used to predict another variable? 
  2. Professors at a local university earn an average salary of $80,000 with a standard deviation of $6,000. The salary distribution is approximately bell-shaped. What can be said about the percentage of salaries that are at least $74,000? 
  3. What type of relationship is indicated in the scatterplot? 
  4. The study of statistics can be defined as:
  5. In the accompanying stem-and-leaf diagram, the values in the stem and leaf portions represent 10s and 1s digits, respectively.  The stem-and-leaf diagram shows that the distribution is ___________. 
  6. Bias can occur in sampling. Bias refers to _____________________. 
  7. Which of the following is most influenced by outliers?
  8. ​Serial correlation is typically observed in: ​
  9. In the sample regression equation  what is  ? 
  10. Which of the following can be represented by a continuous random variable?
  11. Consider a population with data values of 12, 8, 28, 22, 12, 30, 14. The median is:   
  12. ​The salaries of teachers in a particular school district are normally distributed with a mean of $50,000 and a standard deviation of $2,500. Due to budget limitations, it has been decided that the teachers who are in the top 2.5% of the salaries would not get a raise. What is the salary level that divides the teachers into one group that gets a raise and one that doesn't? 
  13. The two branches of the study of statistics are generally referred to as ___________.
  14. Which of the following meets the requirements of a stratified random sample?
  15. ​A-Plus Dry Cleaners wants to understand its customers’ perceptions of the quality of the company’s customer service. They plan to survey a sample of its customer base. What will A-Plus need to do to ensure that their data is valid and reliable?
  16. Which scales of data measurement are associated with quantitative data?
  17. The owner of a company has recently decided to raise the salary of one employee, who was already making the highest salary, by 20%. Which of the following is(are) expected to be affected by this raise?
  18. Which of the following violates the assumptions of regression analysis?
  19. ​A hedge fund returns on average 26% per year with a standard deviation of 12%. Using the empirical rule, approximate the probability the fund returns over 50% next year.
  20. Mutually exclusive events ______________. 
  21. What is (are) the most widely used measure(s) of dispersion?
  22. Frequency distributions may be used to describe which of the following types of data?  
  23. A company wants to estimate the mean price of oil over the past 10 years. What kind of data does the company need?
  24. ​Horizontal bar charts are constructed by placing
  25. Which of the following can be represented by a discrete random variable
  26. Which of the following is a quantitative variable?
  27. A manager of a fast food restaurant wants to ensure that staff are scheduled with the sufficient hours required to meet customer demands without overspending on labor costs. The manager has daily guest counts, sales data, and staff hours for the prior year. What should the manager do next in order to reach conclusions about scheduling restaurant staff?
  28. The manager of a retail shoe store has applied statistics to analyze sales, purchasing, and  data and reached the conclusion that the store could reduce costs by reducing inventory of very small and very large sizes, and substituting an online ordering service to drop-ship rare sizes directly from suppliers. How should the manager communicate those results to the store owner? 
  29. The estimation of which of the following requires sampling? 


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