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Square root functions Explaination
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Question D:

Accident investigators use the relationship s = √21d to determine speed of a car, s mph, from a skid mark, of length d feet, that it lea tvhees a dpuprrinogxi mana te

emergency stop. This formula assumes a dry road surface and average tire wear.

1. A police officer investigating an accident finds a skid mark 115 feet long.

Approximately how fast was the car going when the driver applied the brakes?

2. If a car is traveling at 60 mph and the driver applies the brakes in an emergency

situation, how much distance does your model say is required for the car to come to

a complete stop?

3. What is a realistic domain and range for this situation? 4. Does doubling the length of the skid double the speed the driver was going? Justify your

response using tables, symbols, and graphs.

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