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CRJ 303 WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT ( The World of Prison Staff )
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Life for a Correctional Officer

CRJ303 - Corrections




Imagine yourself entering a room full of nothing but convicted criminals. A convicted murderer walks past you and blasts you with a name such as calls you a meaningless scrap of garbage and before you can think of turning your head a robber walks past close enough to touch you and gives you a horrible dirty look.  You would probably agree this would be enough to run chills up anyone’sback?  Corrections Officers contend with this reality every day of their day-to-day working lives.  Something interesting and not particularly impartial is Correctional Officers are usually not mentioned inthe news very often unless they have been injured or killed in their line of duty. The men and women who choose the profession of a corrections officer are one of the few who are ignoredandappear to be unappreciated. Many people are actually clueless about the truth of the dangerous in workings inside a prison system. Being a Correctional Officer is probably one of the most difficult and the most mind taxing jobs a human being can decide to take on as a career. 

The leadingobligation of complying with law and order inside the prison system falls against the function of the correctional officer. The officer's intent is to persevere prison security and duty toward an inmate's turbulence approaching a disruption, riot, and a potential for an escape by constraint of the institutional regulations (Seiter, 2006). The chief intention is enforcing discipline inside the prison previous to the possibility of aneruption of mayhem. The observing of the inmate's day-to-day routine, supervising his work duties is one of many assignments of the correctional officer's continual tasks that can avert prisoner agitation within the prison system (Durak, 2006).

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