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EET 250 Unit 1 Review Assignment
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EET250  Unit 1 Review Assignment

Chapters  2 (Pages 30-33), 3, 6

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1. Any electrical component not in a PC needs to be stored in an ____________________ bag. 

2. All motherboards use multipurpose expansion slots that enable you to add ________________________

 3. Parallel ports use a ____________________ female DB connector. 

4. Sound cards use ____________________ connectors. 

5. A video card uses a 15-pin female ____________________ connector or the unique, video-only digital video interface (DVI) connector. 

6. The power supply takes standard 110-volt AC power (United States) and converts it into 12-volt, 5-volt, and ____ DC power. (See Ch-10 Page 378)

A. 3.3-volt

C. 6-volt

B. 4.5-volt

D. 6.5-volt


7. A gigabyte, or GB, is equal to how many MB? 

A. 1004

C. 1240

B. 1024

D. 1420


8. RJ-11 jacks are almost exclusively used for ____. 

A. modems

C. monitors

B. printers

D. scanners


9. What can cause damage to components through the discharge of static electricity? 






10. NICs usually have a single ____ connection. 


C. RJ-45

B. RJ-11



11. You rarely see a DB connector with more than ______ pins or sockets.

A. 9

C. 15

B. 25

D. 40


12. How many devices can be supported by USB on a computer? (See Ch-20 pages 881,891)

A. 2

C. 64

B. 16

D. 127


13. Which connector type has a slight D-shape? 






14. How should electronic components (such as a RAM stick) be transported from one place to another? 
A. carried in an anti-static bag
B. carried while connected to an anti-static wrist strap
C. carried in a lint-free cloth
D. held by the contacts


15. What unit measures clock speed? 

A. megahertz

C. bits

B. kilobytes

D. bytes


16. A ____________________ system is needed to save programs and data. 

 17. Intel Processors currently use a package type called _______________________

18. The connection between the CPU, MCC, and the RAM is called the ___________________

 19. The communication device of the CPU is called _________________________________



20. The CPU package used in AMD is the ____________________ package. 

21. A Dual-core CPU has  _____________ execution units.


22. What is the practical limit for modern CPU clock speeds? 

A. 3 GHz

C. 5 GHz

B. 4 GHz

D. 8´


23. What is used to hold a CPU? 






24. Which of the following stores the data that the CPU actively uses? 


C. hard drive

B. floppy diskette



25. Which line of CPU of AMD is a direct competitor of Intel? 

A. Pentium

C. Classic Athlon

B. Thunderbird

D. Sec-2


26. 1 megabyte is equivalent to ____ bytes. 

A. 1,048,476

C. 10,048,576

B. 1,048,576

D. 10,480,576


27. What is a benefit of a smaller process? 

A. faster

C. cooler

B. hotter

D. slower


28. What cache was historically on the motherboard, but now often comes on the CPU? 

A. L1

C. motherboard cache

B. L2

D. CPU cache


29. Many of today’s processors are measured by the process. Which of the following is a valid term for the process? 

A. 45 nanometer

C. 95 watts

B. internal

D. fast


30. Which CPU manufacturer has "Athlon" brand? 


C. Intel

B. Motorola


 Please refer to this link to anwer these questions above[;vnd.vst.idref=ch02]!/4/2[ch02]

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