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THEO 104 D24 Quiz 8 Liberty University
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1. According to the author, what is one of the best arguments that Heaven is real? a. The physical presence of Jesus Christ 2. How many heavens does Paul talk about? a. Three 3. What is the first heaven? a. The atmosphere about us, that is, the air that surrounds humans and all created life on this earth. 4. What is the second heaven? a. The stellar outer space where planets and stars are located. 5. What is the third heaven? a. The dwelling place of God. 6. Does the author agree with the notion that “Heaven is nothing more than a state of bliss?” a. No 7. Is there day and night in heaven? a. No 8. Is there death in heaven? a. No 9. What are nine of the ‘inexhaustible blessings of Heaven?” a. 1) Abundant Life 2) Rest 3) Knowledge 4) Holiness 5) Serving God 6) Worship 7) Fellowship with God 8) Fellowship with other Believers 9) Glory 10. Why did God give his children assurance that they would go to live with Him after they die? a. 1) If God's Children know where they will spend eternity, then they tend to work harder for Him on this Earth...

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