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44 Multiple-Choice & True/False Questions
The multiple-choice & true/false questions are worth 1 point each.


1. A child’s cohort would include their

A) neighbors

B) immediate family

C) parents

D) classmates * (Logic: cohort =a group/follower)


2. Experiments allow researchers to:

A) reflect the natural environment

B) study the entire complexity and uniqueness of an individual *

C) inexpensively follow the scientific method

D) determine cause-and-effect


3. The greatest disadvantage of experiments is that scientists:

A) cannot control the environment in the experiment

B) cannot ensure that people’s behaviors in the experiment are the same as they would be in normal everyday life *

C) cannot test a hypothesis scientifically

D) cannot determine which factor is the real cause


4. A researcher is interested in studying the effects of aging on memory, but data gathered using the cross sectional design may also include the effects of

A) a dependent variable

B) participants moving away and dropping out of the study

C) differences among age groups that are not due to age

D) statistical analysis *


5. Correlations do NOT tell researchers:

A) whether a relationship between two variables is positive or negative

B) that one variable causes another

C) that there is a relationship between variables

D) how strong a relationship exists between two variables *


6. Marianna used a prescription medicine for two weeks while she was pregnant. The potential damage:

A) depends partly on when during her pregnancy she took the medicine *

B) is the same throughout the pregnancy

C) is greater for structures that are fully developed

D) is highest during the last trimester


7. Given a set of quadruplets consisting of two girls and two boys, AT LEAST how many ova had to be fertilized?

A) one *

B) two

C) three

D) four


8. Generalizing from what is known about the infant’s experience of birth, the breathing problems often experienced by cesarean-delivered newborns might be remedied by

A) delivering the baby before labor begins

B) stimulating the secretion of stress hormones in the newborn

C) immediately removing the nasal plugs 

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